Frequently Asked Questions

Ooh, old school roller skates! Where did you get them?

RollerGirl.ca is hands-down the best place to get roller skates and gear in BC. Maybe even Canada. They have everything any quad roller skater needs: beginner to expert, derby to bowls, and everything in between. Their customer service is unparalled, and equally as good in store (look for the hot pink building on E. 11th Ave just west of Main St.) or online.

Where is the closest roller rink in Vancouver?

Central City Fun Park in Surrey has a small rink in their venue with top 40 music, skate rentals, and a sport court floor.

The closest dedicated roller rink is Lynden Skateway in Lynden, WA, just across the border from Aldergrove. In fact, there are a number of great rinks in the Western Washington: Pattison’s West, Skagit Skate, Skate Tiffany’s, Lynnwood Bowl & Skate and Southgate Roller Rink are all pretty quick trip down the 1-5. If you want to travel a little farther, Pattisons North in Spokane and Oaks Park in Porland, OR (the oldest rink in the US!) are also outstanding.

Where else can I skate in Vancouver?

With us! In the warmer months, we partner with Rolla Skate Club to bring roller skating events all over the Lower Mainland. That being said, finding affordable venues that allow roller skates on the floor is a huge challenge in Vancouver. (If you happen to have an empty warehouse lying around, let us know!) Rolla Skate Club also does their own open skate sessions and parties. Check out their website for more info.

We also skate outside, but in Vancouver it’s very seasonal. When the weather is good, there are lots of places to skate! Outdoors, all you need is a large, flat, smooth area. Tennis courts, freshly paved parking lots, lacrosse boxes, smooth paved pathways are all fun to skate on. The Stanley Park Seawall is our #1 choice for intermediate to advanced skaters to get outside and skate. (Don’t forget your safety gear!) If you want more ideas for outdoor skating spots, check out our dedicated Google Map here.

I want to hire some pro roller skaters for my party/commercial/event.

Check out the Van City Skate Squad! They are Vancouver’s only professional roller skating team. No matter the project or event, they can put together the perfect performance package for your company.