If you’re looking for skilled, professional roller skate performers, you’ve come to the right place. Meet the Van City Skate Squad! No matter the project or event, we can put together the perfect performance package for your company.

Party/Festival Performers

Let us spice up a ho-hum dance floor or wow your partygoers with a jaw-dropping performance.

Promotional Events

Your company will attract more attention than you can handle with your merch on our backs and your products in our hands.

Disco girls at the Lululemon corporate holiday party

Rolling Food & Drink Servers

Food and cocktails always taste better if served by a cutie on skates, don’t you think?

Film/TV/Music Video Talent

Need disco skaters for an authentic retro vibe? Some tough-as nails roller derby players? Extreme park stunt skaters? Yup, we’ve got all of those.

If you’re interested in booking the Show Squad for your next event or project, send us a message.